In my twenties, I moved to Denver, Colorado from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for the spectacular skiing and to meet my mountain man. I worked for a radio station selling media advertising and also side gigged a job as an event coordinator for a speed dating franchise, where I met my husband (who is from Columbus, Ohio and far from being a “mountain man”.)

I attended a Photoshop class in 2008 and asked the instructor if she did anything else for work. When she told me that she went to psychic school and worked as a psychic, I was intrigued. I was always fascinated by psychics and thought these people had a special gift. I was surprised to learn from her that everyone is psychic and can learn how to access their gifts at a psychic school!

She told me that Psychic Horizons Center was located in Boulder and had a clairvoyant program. I visited the website and saw a six week class called How to Heal Yourself that was a prerequisite for the one year clairvoyant program. I immediately signed up for the class.

I received way more than I expected! Not only was I learning tools to use in stressful situations at work, I was connecting with the wonderful teachers and students.  I felt validated, appreciated and understood.

In the classes, I learned visualization tools to protect myself from “picking up” other people’s emotional baggage. I was also releasing thoughts, feelings and beliefs from my family that I internalized from my upbringing and weren’t serving me. I learned how to heal my body with qualities I desired like joy, amusement, abundance, and compassion.

This was my first introduction to energy work. All that I was doing in this class was using my imagination to shift energy but I was feeling the effects instantly in my body. It was as if the intangible visualizations were becoming tangible feelings in my body! I could feel the peace, compassion and forgiveness pour over me.

I spent years in therapy for my childhood trauma but now I could release old belief systems from childhood in a single class! My life became more abundant. I felt grounded. I started manifesting people, things and events that were adding to my life’s joy. I began to trust myself. I felt more connected to my intuition.

I continued taking classes in the one year clairvoyant training program. I learned how to read other people’s aura space, the energetic field around a person’s body that stores information about them as a soul being. I also volunteered giving intuitive readings and chakra healings to the public. People validated what I was seeing and I began to trust myself as a trained intuitive.

I gave intuitive readings and energy healings to friends and family, who immediately saw a shift in their life. They were learning how to protect themselves from toxic people who were exhausting them. They were letting go of false beliefs they learned from their parents and moving forward in life. They were feeling more empowered and connected to their intuition and life purpose.

Giving intuitive readings was like going to the gym and working out my intuitive muscle. It was getting stronger every day that I was using it. Images and feelings were sharper and more distinct. This strong intuitive sense came with a price though. I had to work even harder to protect myself from picking up other people’s emotions at grocery stores, the airport, shopping malls, driving in the car, and at public events. If I didn’t use my visualization tools, I would feel depleted at the end of the day.

You are born with an intuitive sense. It may have been shut down in childhood because of society’s beliefs that it isn’t real but you can still access it and develop it. Your intuition has all the answers you need in this lifetime! It’s your compass. When you’re not in tune with your intuition, you might feel off course and stuck. When you’re on course, life feels easy and makes sense. You feel a sense of purpose.

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Benefits from receiving a intuitive healing & coaching session or class. 

  • Feel more grounded and peaceful.
  • Understand your soul’s purpose.
  • Strengthen your intuitive sense.
  • Release limiting beliefs.
  • Have more clarity when making decisions.
  • Learn tools to protect your energetic space.
  • Develop trust in yourself.
  • Manifest your deepest desires.

Some fun things about me.

  • I LOVE to travel! My favorite trips were to Italy, Australia, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Argentina, and Alaska. My wish list includes Africa, Southeast Asia, and New Zealand.
  • I am an improv graduate from the Bovine Metropolis Theater in Denver and have been improvising with the Boulder Improv Collaborative Meetup group for over five years.
  • I enjoy spending my free time with my husband and daughter, traveling to new places, skiing, hiking, playing tennis, singing, dancing, painting, drumming, reading, and writing in my journal.

My professional experience:

  • I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing and over 20 years of sales and marketing experience working in corporate and non-profit environments. My areas of expertise include business development, client management, strategy, project coordination, event management and content creation for online and print media.
  • I completed nine credits at Regis University’s Masters in Counseling Program and 40 hours of hotline counselor training with Moving to End Sexual Assault (MESA). I staffed MESA’s 24-hour crisis information line.
  • I am a graduate of the one year clairvoyant program at Psychic Horizons Center in Boulder, Colorado. I also completed the clairvoyant graduate program, minister’s program, animal communication program, and teacher’s program. I was a student from 2013-2018.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Wow, Amy is truly amazing!! I invited her to come sit/meet with my two cats (Tiger & Miles) and myself for a reading, and I’m so glad I did!!! She really helped me with receiving Tiger’s message with clear communication, understanding our bond and giving me peace of mind regarding his illness. Not only was the time together so special, but she’s very thorough with a follow-up or update on Tiger’s health. I am forever grateful for her guidance in this process!! Thank you, Amy!


  2. Amy is truly gifted. She brings kindness and empathy to her session, and an uncanny intuitive ability to read the present situation — miles away from where I am in California. She listens attentively, and brings a healing calmness to the session through meditation and practice. She followed up with me afterward with suggestive after practice. I highly recommend her for self healing!


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