Pet Communication


You love your pet! He or she is a part of your family. The problem is that your pets can’t talk (in words) and you need to communicate with him or her.

Do you want to know why he thinks your house is a potty or why she is constantly meowing? Or why he keeps attacking the newly adopted cat? Maybe your pet is sick but you don’t know where she is experiencing the pain? When is it a good time to put your pet down?

It’s hard to understand your pet, but I can help!

Animals, like humans, have emotional, behavioral and physical challenges.

During a session, I will intuitively communicate with your pet to find out the reason behind the challenge and we will create solutions that will help everyone experience a more harmonious relationship.

I work with all animals – dogs, cats, horses, guinea pigs, birds, turtles, goats, iguanas, you name it! For more information about pet communication and sessions, please read my article, 3 Tips for Communicating with Your Pet HERE.

Text Amy at (720) 289-4228 to book your session. 

Your Session May Include:

  • communication on a specific question or issue and solutions
  • information about the agreement between you and your pet(s) (An agreement is the reason you and your pet chose to be together in this lifetime.)
  • your pet’s or pets’ past lives
  • communication on the first three chakras (some dogs) or seven chakras (more complex animal spirits like cats, horses, and evolved dogs)
  • healing from Divine Mother and/or St. Francis of Assisi

“Our dog Cammie is 17 years old and is loved dearly. Amy did a great job of identifying some areas where we can improve our relationship with Cammie, including letting us know that she wants more walks, more treats, and more quality time together. You could tell that Amy was able to reach out to our dog. Cammie calmed down after a bit of commotion as we were sending her messages through Amy. Cammie let Amy know about some hip problems we were not aware of. She also apparently is scared of being forgotten about when our baby is born in June. We let her know this will not be the case which calmed Cammie down so much she almost fell asleep in our laps. The reading ended up strengthening our relationship and we are now much more aware of doing some things together that make Cammie happy. We’ve been very fortunate to have our dog this long. Thanks to Amy we feel like we will be in a better position to communicate back and forth as Cammie enters the last few years of her life. Thank you Amy. You have a very special gift!” -S. Groem, Boulder, CO

“This works! I was taking care of my mom’s dog for two weeks and I couldn’t understand why Clarabelle would hide from me or demand my attention so much. Amy did a reading on her and told me that I needed to hold her like a baby. She was so right!” -Allison Kramer, Denver, CO

“As a dog lover, I was curious about the state of my past and current dogs. When Amy read for me, she was able to tap into their personalities and provide comforting insight about their time with me and where they are now. It was truly amazing how accurate she was with each dog considering how many there have been and how different each one is. Amy is sincere, passionate, and dedicated and I highly recommend her for a personal reading or your pets!” -Allison Piorot, Thornton, CO

“I have had readings with Amy for myself and for my pets. Amy is very good at being able to quickly sort through the “noise” and focus on where I am truly at and what is holding me back from reaching my goals. The pet reading gave me some valuable insight into some concerns I’ve had with my dog’s happiness. I implemented her suggestion of how best to spend time with Sarah and it has resulted in a better bond between us.” -Elaine Lockey, Indian Hills, CO

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