Feeling Stuck?

butterfly-end-1309612-639x440 (1)Sometimes we feel stuck when we are stressed and life is not moving forward the way we anticipated it. Usually the reason is because there’s an important lesson we need to learn.

During the past few weeks, I’ve been feeling stressed dealing with my own challenges and hearing about other people’s challenges. As humans, it’s easy for us to feel empathy for other people’s challenges but when it comes to ourselves, we can sometimes be a bully. Being tough on ourselves long enough can lead to more stress, frustration and in the worst case, health issues. I fell into this trap again of pushing myself to work in the evening instead of allowing myself to relax with a book, something that sounded fabulous.

Being a parent, any free time is liquid gold. With my daughter home this summer, I was looking forward to spending some quality time with her. I also wanted to work on my business and schedule clients. I also wanted to schedule fun trips to the mountains with my husband and hang out with my friends. I decided to make time for everything, including deep cleaning the house, purging and organizing my files.  I soon figured out that there wasn’t time for everything, so I was feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and stuck. I practiced my meditations and was starting to feel peaceful again.

Then one morning, I had the urge to dance. Usually I will pop in a workout dvd, but this morning I had a fun hip hop song in my head. I decided to put my Jock Jams cd in the stereo and have a solo 90’s throwback hip hop dance party in my basement. Dancing spontaneously isn’t a new thing for me. When I’m dancing by myself, I like experiment with different moves because nobody is watching. I end up throwing my body around in odd directions and it looks really weird. (I know this because I saw a video of it.) Within five minutes, I felt like my silly self again and I haven’t felt that way in weeks.

My lesson was my awareness of feeling stuck. Then taking action to shift the energy through meditation and dancing like a maniac to 90s hip hop. You can shift your energy too! When life gets too stressful and serious, try some meditation techniques and do something silly like hosting your own 90s hip hop party in your basement.


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