3 Tips For Communicating with Your Pet

doggy-1406970-640x480Have you wondered how your pets are feeling? Maybe there’s something you’d love to tell your pet.

All animals exhibit three qualities – love, playfulness and neutrality. Being neutral is non-judging. That’s why we love our pets so much! They aren’t judging us or holding a grudge for days. They are happy to be with us no matter what.

Tip #1
If you want to connect with your pet at their level, you need to feel loving, playful, and neutral. Feeling neutral may seem like a tall order for a human, but just try it. You might like the peaceful feeling so much, you may bring into your daily life!

Animals are healers. They “take on” our emotions like anxiety, worry, and guilt. It can be exhausting for them to be in a house where there is a lot of intense energy floating around!

Last weekend, my friends hosted a pet reading party for me. They invited their friends who have pets. Let’s just say it wasn’t like a regular party. There were a bunch of dogs running around, escaping from the house, peeing on the carpet, and getting way too excited to be in each other’s presence.

I got to meet Chance, who is a poodle mix and takes his job as “protector of the family” very seriously. He protects his family of two adults, three children and a puppy. He will bark at anyone coming to the door, even if he’s met them a few times!

Every time his owner’s mother in law arrives, Chance jumps, barks and runs around the house, making a big ruckus. This scenario is getting old for his owner, Kori, and she wanted to figure out a way to calm him down. By the way, Kori likes to refer to him as her little Italian man. 🙂

I communicated to Chance by showing him a mental picture of himself barking at the mother in law and Kori looking upset. I “asked” him what we could do to help him stay calm but showing him a mental picture of the mother in law giving him treats at the door and him sitting by her feet. He “answered” by showing me a mental picture of Kori hugging him and telling him what a wonderful dog he is.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. How in the world can a person and a dog “communicate” sending mental pictures? We all do, but usually unconsciously. Read more about intuition here. These mental pictures may “pop” into your mind and provide wonderful solutions for you and your pet!

Tip #2
Try communicating with your pet using mental pictures. Really trust the process and don’t second guess or think that you’re making it up. If you feel you’re making it up, why do you think you’re making up that specific scenario? Your intuition may be involved!

We learned that Chance is a hard worker and he wanted to be respected, praised, and appreciated for his work. Ah, a typical man!

I also recommended that Kori and her family give Chance lots of love and attention by intuitively communicating with Chance, from the heart, not the mind that he is appreciated and to show him their appreciation with lots of cuddles, pets and one on one play time.

Tip #3
Communicate to your pets from your heart center. Your heart center, also called your 4th chakra, is an energetic space in your heart area that holds the energy of affinity for yourself and others. It’s a very powerful, emotional space. You can also try speaking from your heart with your loved ones if you would like to connect on a deeper level.

If your pet is having some challenges or maybe you’re just curious about your pet’s past lives or would like to “check in” with a beloved, deceased pet, schedule your pet communication and healing session here!

In love and light,

Amy Amore

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