Your Inner Compass


When I have free time, I like to spend it outdoors. Today I went for a hike in Boulder. It started to drizzle a little bit but it soon stopped and I could smell the fresh rain on the trees and grass.

I prefer to hike alone because I can really experience my surroundings; the warm sun on my back, the colorful wildflowers, the sound of a distant bird. I feel so grounded hiking on the uneven dirt.

After about an hour of hiking, I start to feel in sync with my surroundings. I feel a part of everything around me. The birds, trees, rocks, dirt – we are all one because we exist!

It’s during this special time that I can focus on my space and really experience who I am- me, my essence, or my truth that I temporarily lost when I was getting my daughter ready for the day or discussing weekend plans with my husband.

I think it’s important to have some alone time to regroup with yourself. It’s like pressing your reset button or checking your inner compass. Are the decisions you have been making aligned with your truth or based on other people’s expectations?

I was drawn to study psychology in college because I was fascinated by all of the studies of the human mind. I wanted to major in psychology but I knew I would be in school for a long time if I wanted to make a decent salary.  My mom encouraged me to major in marketing because I could start working after getting my degree. I thought marketing might be interesting because it involved learning about consumer behavior so without much thought, I chose to study marketing!

Well, twelve years after a bachelor’s degree in marketing and working in sales positions, I had enough of the rat race of meeting monthly quotas. I wanted to make a contribution to the world in a meaningful way.  I started looking at positions in human services. The pay was low and most jobs required experience so I volunteered at various non-profits working with at risk youth and sexual assault victims. The work was challenging but I felt like I was finally aligning with my truth of helping people in my community.

It can be hard to hear your truth at first but if you take the time to quiet your mind and go within either in meditation or focused attention on your thoughts and feelings, you may notice a feeling or a voice that is speaking to you. This is your inner compass. The best way for me to do what I call a “check in” is to either ask an intuitive friend to “read” my energy or to sit with my thoughts and journal.

Journaling is an excellent way to clear the mind and find your true voice. I like to write whatever comes to mind. No perfect sentences. Just free form writing. You can release a lot of energy in your space and become more aware of your thoughts and feelings.

Amy Amore

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