Finding Peace in a Busy Life


Being a mom has its fun and challenging moments. Most days I feel like a juggler in a circus, managing my work, childcare, housework, family and personal time. If I start feeling irritated, I know it’s time to schedule some me time! In these moments I can go within and listen to my truth. Whatever you are doing in life, don’t ignore your true essence, your spirit, your oneness!

You will hear it speak to you softly, then loudly if you are not listening. Then if you keep ignoring it, it will shout at you. I try to treat myself kindly and be loving to myself but sometimes guilt and judgement get in the way. “I think I’ll be fine if I don’t go outside in the beautiful sunshine. I really need to put this laundry away.”

But your spirit is keeping dibs on your procrastination from nurturing yourself. Pretty soon you’ll feel resentment and anger and that is the time when you stop serving others and go meditate or do yoga or go for that bike ride. Your spirit will say thank you.

Amy Amore

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