Are you Emotionally Constipated?

Are you emotionally constipated_ (1)I had to laugh when I first heard about being emotionally constipated. I’m pretty sure that I am because I’ve been feeling stressed lately. My daughter was jumping around this morning like she had two cups of coffee and I was just waking up, feeling slightly annoyed and jealous that she wakes up so naturally energized. Then I was just thinking about all the stuff I need to get done and started panicking.

Why do we, as women, take on so much stuff and hold onto it? I don’t remember signing up for this! Why do we feel like we have to do everything, solve everyone’s problems and make people feel better? It’s time to LET GO. Let go of the control, worry, guilt, anger, stress, and overwhelm. Because if we hold onto it forever, it will manifest into something big and scary, like an unanticipated volcanic eruption!

When you’re sensitive, you pick up a lot of stuff. You pick up other people’s emotions, beliefs, and then you have your own thoughts twirling around in your head, telling you that you’re not good enough or pretty enough and all kinds of garbage. There’s so much stuff in our head that we can’t feel our feelings, process them and let them go. This is being emotionally constipated.

What do we do?

I like to imagine a hollow grounding cord attached to my hips that goes all the way to the center of Mother Earth. It can be a tree trunk or waterfall. It’s your imagination, so let it run wild! Imagine letting go of everything, your day, your week, your year. You don’t have to know what it is. Just practice releasing it.

This tool is so important and effective for me. It really takes just a minute to imagine it. You can put your grounding cord on anywhere, in the car, at the office, in the coffee shop. I also like to imagine a bubble around buildings and places with a grounding cord attached to the bubble and the center of the Earth, releasing all of the stuck energy.

Mother Earth likes to recycle so she will send back the energy to who it belongs to. I can walk you through this. Take a listen to the attached meditation. The first step to healing is awareness. You’re aware that you need to dump some emotional stuff, so you allow yourself to imagine letting it go. Then you can fill in with what you want. I like to imagine filling in with a giant, gold sun of my life force energy. You can also fill in with compassion, joy or whatever you want. Don’t worry if you feel like you’re not doing it right. It’s all intention.

Put your grounding cord on in the morning and change it a few times a day. Just imagine blowing it up and create a new grounding cord. It’s so simple, even kids can do it! I teach my daughter to use her “monkey tail” to release from her day at school. Then always fill in with a gold sun!

Hope you enjoy using the tools and let me know how it’s working for you!

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