What I Learned From “Talking” To Pets

After intuitively communicating with pets over the past few years, I’ve learned a lot about how they perceive the world. “What are the animals saying to you?” is a question I hear often. Well, I’m going to share with you the dirt!

Believe it or not, your pet isn’t afraid to die. They usually hold on and struggle through a physical pain because they know that you want them to be there with you. Many people are indecisive as to when they should put down a sick pet. The answer is always up to when you are ready.

Animals understand that when they are living in a physical body, they will experience pain. It’s the catch of choosing a life! They deal with it. They will not judge it, resist it, complain about it, or resent it.

When you are ready to let them go, please know that when they pass, they will always be by your side in spirit. There are so many times, when I am reading a pet and their owner, I “see” more pets than the owner says they have around them!

Talk to your pets who have passed over. Acknowledge that they are there. They will sometimes show up in your dreams because they want you to know that they are still around you and that they are doing great. That’s why you will see them jumping around and playing.

A lot of people are nervous before an animal communication session because they’re afraid of what their dog or cat might say about them. Don’t worry. They are not going to give you a performance review! They have nothing but love and devotion for you. All animals emanate three qualities – love, amusement and neutrality.

I don’t know how many times a dog has “asked” for one of those heated dog beds! People usually don’t think that their pet will need it. Dogs will tell me that they would love to feel heat on their sore and arthritic limbs and hips. Also, little dogs who don’t have much hair love them, especially in a large home that seems to feel cold all the time. Dogs also “ask” for lots of blankets. They like to feel comfy, cozy!

Probably the biggest issue I hear from my clients is separation anxiety. Dogs are so attached to us that when we leave, they don’t know what to do with themselves. Some feel scared; others feel bored and are needing more stimulating toys or a special door to the backyard.

The best thing you can do for your nervous pet is “check in” with them intuitively when you’re gone. Since you already have a relationship with your pet, checking in is easy. You simply think about them. Send them a little “heart hello” by imagining love being sent from your heart area. You can do this as often as you’d like. They will appreciate this attention! Animals are sensitive creatures and they can pick up our thoughts more easily than we can because they don’t have a busy mind or other qualities like resistance or judgement that get in the way.

Now I didn’t talk very much about cats because they tend to have different challenges then dogs. A client will tell me that their cats are always fighting. It will seem that the instigator cat is picking the fight, but it’s really the reserved cat “taunting” the other cat. It’s hard to see this play out because it’s really just a feeling that the reserved cat is projecting to the other cat. The reserved cat is usually very close and protective of the owner and doesn’t want the other cat to “take” his or her owner away. The only solution is to communicate to both cats that their owner loves them equally. I will also tell the owner to spend quality one on one time with each cat so that they both won’t feel left out. I’ve seen this in a few cases so not all conflicted relationships will exhibit this but it’s worth mentioning.

So there you have it! My thoughts on reading these furry little, loving creatures who are so loyal and protective of us. Now go and give your pet a great big hug for being with you in this life!

If you would like to chat with me to find out if I can help your pet’s behavior or physical issues, book a pet communication and healing session here!

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