All Together Now

I acknowledge you. All of your pain, your sadness, and your anger that you are experiencing and have experienced over the past few weeks, and the past few months. You are human and feeling and expressing your emotions is your birthright. 

Take time to feel your emotions without judgment. Express your emotions in healthy ways. Move your body, write, speak, or scream into a pillow. We tend to feel other people’s emotions too so be aware of that. All of the thoughts and beliefs you have may not be yours. If the emotions are too intense and you need to release them quickly, imagine a rose in front of you and “throw” the energy into the rose and blow it up at the edge of the universe. Keeping doing this until you feel a sense of calm. 

Imagine wearing a grounding cord throughout your day. Visualize wrapping a hollow tree trunk or other hollow cord around your hips and attach it to the center of planet Earth. Imagine releasing everything that triggers you throughout your day. Visualize a gold sun above your head and fill the sun with joy, peace or another quality you would like to have in your space and fill your body in with the golden light. 

I invite you to go within yourself and discover what is true for you. What are you being called to do? A flicker of a thought may be your spirit guiding you to make a small step in the direction that our collective consciousness is leading us. 

Don’t hesitate. You have tremendous power within you to make change. In fact, you are shifting the planet with just your thoughts! Every action, every choice you make is accounted for and woven into the collective fabric of the universe. 

You are on this planet to participate in change. Change is inevitable as you breathe and think your thoughts. Be aware of what you are thinking and what you are doing. Small changes lead to big change. 

I encourage you to go within yourself and ask what your next step is. Even if it feels like a small step. A flood is made by millions and trillions of individual raindrops. Let’s come together and shine our brilliant light. We can move mountains. 

Resources to inspire you when choosing your next step. 

5 Ways to Take Action for all non-black people

Anti-Racism for Beginners + White People (Compiled by Melyssa Griffin)

Anti-Racism Resources (Compiled by Sarah Sophie Flicker and Alyssa Klein)
“This document is intended to serve as a resource to white people and parents to deepen our anti-racism work.” It contains articles, books, podcasts, organizations, films, and more.

For the month of June, I am donating 10% of my profits to Color of Change, the largest online racial justice organization in America. COC leads campaigns meant to question injustice, call out government decision-makers and change our culture for the better. I’m here to support you!

With love,

Amy Amore

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