Following Your Gut

plant-in-the-sea-1402506-639x852Last week at the acting improv group I attend, we did a type of form called J.T.S. Brown, where all the players start out facing the back of the stage. When one or more people feel the impulse, they turn around and face the audience to perform a completely made up scene. The scene ends when one or more of the other players who are facing the back of the stage turn around and start a new scene. The person leading the group told us that there would be this moment when we would “feel” that we had to turn around.

The form was supposed to teach us to pay attention to our intuition which gently nudges us to take an action or make a choice. The problem was that I was getting stage fright and my only impulse was to not move at all!

This still made me think about the “feeling.” Are there times in our lives when we feel the need to move forward or remain still? If we remain still, does that mean we’re stuck or that it’s not our time move forward?

Divine timing is the idea that everything happens exactly when it should occur.  It’s as if life was already planned out for us. If things don’t manifest for us now, we can trust that it happen in the future or not at all. If it doesn’t happen, maybe that wasn’t our path.

Think about some times in your life when you felt it was difficult to move forward. Maybe it was because the right circumstances didn’t show up yet. Maybe it was fear getting in the way.

Tune into your “feeling.” Close your eyes and find your center, that space behind your navel. This is the energy center that helps to manifest things into your life. Is it still or is it desperate to move? If it’s still, you can relax and bask in the vast stillness! If it wants to move, ask it where it wants to go? Is it the right time?

The good news is that the “feeling” will usually come back again and again until we listen to it and take action!

Amy Amore

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