Lessons from a Stranger


Why me? You might wonder why difficult people and situations come into your life. I used to play victim and react to the person or situation, but now I take a different approach.

This morning I had a reading session scheduled. “I want someone who will speak to me compassionately,” my new client said before we scheduled her appointment. I assured her that this wouldn’t be a problem; I always speak with compassion and offer gentle guidance.

I called my client at the appointed time and started saying a prayer to set the space for the reading. My client cut me off during the prayer and told me that she didn’t want to be a part of a prayer and preferred that I say it silently. I was surprised by her response, but obliged.

I began reading her energy in present time and she replied, “that doesn’t resonate with me.” I felt a sting of self doubt. “Well, I’m just telling you what I’m seeing,” I replied and quickly looked at the energy again to confirm I was interpreting it correctly. Yep, I’m still seeing a mostly closed rose and sensing some old trauma, a feeling of overwhelm, disconnection, and inability to self express and connect with others. Also, I saw that she was protecting herself. She became defensive when I said that which confirmed it was true.

“Well, apparently you know myself better than I do!” she said sarcastically. I was wondering if she maybe believed it. “You know, I don’t think this is going to work out,” she continued, and then hung up the call.  I felt a bit of relief that I wasn’t the one to end the reading. 

My old self would feel victimized by this person. How could she hang up on me like that? I put aside my time to prepare for this reading, give her an honest reading and she hangs up on me!

I know now that everything we project to others is a reflection of ourselves. It made me feel compassion for this person and others who feel lost and disconnected. Instead, I asked myself, why did I allow this person to enter my space? What is she teaching me?

I’ve been lucky to have attracted clients who understand themselves on a deep level and I’m just validating what they already know. They are seeking guidance on how to resolve issues and decide which path would be most in align with their soul’s journey.

This person came from left field and shook things up. I didn’t see it coming! I believe she came into my space to show me that there are other people who will challenge me and my work. I need to, more than ever, believe in myself and my work. She also showed me that there are other people out there who are disconnected with themselves.  I am grateful that she reached out to me and hope she continues to reach out to others who may show her the light within herself.






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