Putting Yourself First


I gave readings at the Psychic Horizons Center tent at the Boulder Creek Hometown Festival this past weekend. When I was reading people, I noticed a pattern. There was a woman who was in the midst of a divorce. Another woman was so busy taking care of others, she didn’t have time for herself. Another woman was starting a new business.

They all asked if they would be meeting a significant other in the near future. Yes, that’s right! They didn’t ask about how to handle their current challenges. They were more concerned about meeting someone new! What do you think I sensed when I read their energy? I could sense that they needed to begin a relationship with themselves before opening themselves up to another person!

This is not a revelation although some people seem to be so caught up in their lives that they aren’t aware that they come first. Our society teaches us that other people come first so when we think about relationships, we think about the other people. Relationships don’t work unless you have a secure loving relationship with yourself!

Well, how do you do that? Start by listening to your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Are you living your life based on what someone else wants or what you want? I like to keep a journal about what I’m thinking and feeling and pretty soon the truth I’ve been ignoring comes to the surface.

Try this meditation. Close your eyes and imagine a grounding cord attached around your hips and connecting all the way to the center of the Earth. Release any energies you’d like to let go of in the moment. It could be a conversation you’ve had, frustration with a friend or significant other, or frustration with yourself. Let it all go down the grounding cord and into the center of the Earth.

Now imagine a giant sun above your head; the size of a house! Put in words that ignite a feeling like acceptance, patience with yourself, loving kindness, clarity and so on. Everything has a vibration so add words and colors that would feel good to you in the moment.

Now imagine popping that sun and let the golden light pour into you body starting with your head, shoulders, arms, torso, legs, feet and into your aura, the energy field around your body. Imagine it filling every cell of your body with the golden light.

This meditation is an example of giving to yourself. Give to yourself and love yourself every day, then go out into the world and give to others! May you be blessed on your journey.

Amy Amore

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