Are You Giving Enough?

emilix-2-1434537-639x852Do you feel like you’re not giving enough?

Since the world continues to experience more catastrophes than a collective group can physically and emotionally handle, there is a feeling of hopelessness and lack.

I was having dinner with a mom friend of mine yesterday and we were talking about how we are always feeling like we are not giving enough even though we are raising children, managing a house, and working.

Where does this come from? Some of us are exceptional at doing a lot of things but not stopping to take care of ourselves because there is so much more to do! It makes us feel useful to be of service to others. But is that what we are here to do ALL of the time? No!

When are we going to feel good about how much we have already done?

Yesterday I was driving back home from a doctor’s appointment and I noticed on the other side of the street there were two stopped cars with their sides smashed in. There was a woman crouched down next to the car in the middle of the street and a man standing up on the side of the street on his cell phone. I looked around for an ambulance and didn’t see one so I immediately realized that this car accident just happened!

I panicked and drove my car to the side of the road, trying to figure out what to do next. Should I get out of the car and help? Then I realized that I wasn’t the right person to help. I couldn’t just leave my five year old in the car! There was a long line of traffic forming behind the cars so there were more than enough people needed to assess the situation and help out.

I left the scene feeling sad that I didn’t stay to help. I wondered how the people were doing. Were they okay? Was an ambulance on the way? I felt guilty for not staying.

My mom friend told me over our dinner that we are always in relay, meaning that some of us can let others help right now while others can wait until a better time. Right now, we can focus on raising our kids, which is more than enough work for one or two people! Then when our kids grow older, we can offer our assistance. There will always be a need to help, now and in the future!

This made me feel more relaxed. I can finally feel good about my time spent with my family, friends, clients, buying local, organic foods, using earth friendly products, recycling, composting and volunteering my time at fundraising events.

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In love and light,

Amy Amore

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