Nourishing Your Soul


Sometimes I get so caught up in the busyness of the daily schedule and ticking off the to do list, I forget to slow down and appreciate the moment because life is really just about the moment!

I get an adrenaline high rushing from one place to another, amazed at my ability to do so many things in one day. This lightning fast pace becomes my norm and it goes on for days, then weeks. Then the inevitable happens: I get sick.

The first virus I picked up this month affected my stomach. For five long days I felt nauseous, fatigue, and achy. I ate meals of Saltines and chicken noodle soup. I was feeling depressed and guilty for not taking better care of myself.

Then I got better and dove back into the holiday rush of our family portrait session, creating photo cards, sending the cards, buying gifts, wrapping gifts, building gifts (kids art desk), going to holiday events, visiting family and friends while taking care of my daughter, household duties, and work responsibilities. Oh, but I did get to go skiing twice! 🙂

Then It happened again; I got sick. This time it started as a cough, then became a sore throat along with body aches and fatigue. Then it turned into a head cold. Wow, my body is really telling me to slow down!

It’s unfortunate when we get sick but it serves a wonderful lesson and reminder that we are human and need to nourish our bodies.

Are you listening to what your body is telling you?

Sleep, healthy food, and exercise are great for the body, but what about giving yourself permission to just relax for an evening. Imagine filling your whole body, mind and spirit with self nurturing thoughts instead of self punishment.

Are you treating yourself with loving kindness each moment?

Try this! Close your eyes and imagine a big, gold sun above your head about ten times the size of your body and fill it with self love, kindness, permission to be you, gratitude, forgiveness, and acceptance. Imagine the warm, glowing sun increasing in size as you add all of these wonderful qualities.

Then imagine poking a hole in the bottom of the sun and watch the pure, golden light fill every cell in your body. Watch it pour into your aura, the energy field around your body. When you see yourself shining brightly, open your eyes.

I wish for you good health and wellbeing in the coming new year!


Amy Amore

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