Awaken Your Inner Power Coaching Program

Experience a blend of intuitive coaching and energy healing. Receive clarity, release limiting beliefs, and feel peaceful and empowered in your everyday life.

Coaching Support

Receive deep listening from a gentle and nurturing space. You will be guided to connect to your body, emotions and intuition for greater self-awareness.

Intuitive Reading

Receive an intuitive reading on the energy around you, the people in your life and your current situation. You may receive clarity or a new perspective about your current situation.

Energy Healing

Using visualized energy healing techniques, you may be guided to release stuck energy in the form of limiting thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and agreements from your chakra system, aura space and past lives. You may also be guided to replenish with your own healing energy.

Is this program for you?

  • You’re ready to understand yourself and others on a deeper level.
  • You’re ready to live your purpose, and release guilt, shame, or fear. 
  • You’re ready to experience unconditional love and respect for yourself.
  • You’re ready to attract a partner or experience a deeper connection with your partner.
  • You’re ready to create a life you desire.

Hi, my name is Amy! I help sensitive empaths experience a nurturing relationship with themselves while connecting with their inner power, releasing limiting beliefs, creating boundaries and experiencing more peace in their daily lives. I believe you are whole and complete, and have special gifts to share with the world. I am honored to guide you to discover your own inner wisdom, celebrate your gifts, and heal yourself!

I am SO happy I found Amy. I’ve had several sessions with her and it has been a very helpful part of my self care. As an intuitive, Amy’s readings have helped me gain acceptance of myself, my moods, my energetic ups and downs. She’s capable of spotlighting a specific feeling or attitude I have been holding, bringing it to consciousness, then helping me find solutions that will serve me in a positive way.
As a coach, Amy possesses a gentle wisdom and curiosity that feels both impactful and comforting. She offers insightful questions so I can discover my own truths and answers….This alone is a powerful reason to experience her talents. Working with Amy is a worthwhile step to greater self-awareness and inner peace.

Stephanie Collins, Colorado

Awaken Your Inner Power 3-Month Coaching Program

Receive clarity, support and healing for specific situations in your relationships, parenting, career and life challenges. Release limiting beliefs that are holding you back from your life purpose. Sessions may include intuitive coaching and energy healing for specific work or family situations; inner child, family and past life energy healing. You may also learn self-healing energy techniques to release unwanted energies like fear and anxiety in your space, replenish your life force energy to heal yourself and manifest what you truly desire. Includes two 60-minute sessions per month (6 total) and unlimited support via the Voxer app. You may choose to receive your session over the phone or over Zoom.


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