Welcome! We are all perfect spirits who came to this Earth in physical form bearing wonderful gifts to the world. Unfortunately we are taught early in life that we need to do, act and think a certain way and acquire certain material things in order to fit in with society. We are each unique individuals! We don’t need to fit into different roles to identify with ourselves.

Do you need guidance about making a decision in a relationship, career, or other situation? Are you wondering about how you can live the extraordinary life you are meant to live? Well, guess what? Everything you need to know is with within YOU!

When I give a clairvoyant reading, I receive communication directly from your spirit. Your spirit might communicate in images, colors, words or feelings. I interpret what I’m sensing and communicate this information to you! This information is your inner guidance – your truth!

We can access our truth anytime although sometimes we tend to ignore it or second guess it. We end up talking to people or reading books about what we should do instead of trusting ourselves. I will validate your truth, bringing it into your conscious awareness so that you can make decisions that will serve your highest good. Your truth may be hiding behind programming from your parents, your childhood, school, society, the media, work, or other people’s expectations. I can help you cut through the false beliefs that aren’t serving you so you can be who you are without judgement, guilt or shame – your true essence!

I would love to support you on your path with gentle guidance!

In love and light,

Amy Amore

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