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What would your life be like?

You’re doing work that you love. You have the dating life or marriage you desire.
Parenting becomes a joy.

You spend time and money on the things and experiences that are meaningful to you and feel good about it.

Everything is made of energy, even things we don’t see like radio waves, gravity, and the entire universe. Our beliefs, thoughts and emotions are also a form of energy.

We manage our lives better with our own beliefs, not the beliefs from our mom, dad, sister, brother, spouse, children, boss, co-workers, friends or even strangers in the grocery line!

Sometimes we believe another person’s beliefs as if they were our own…unconsciously!

Do you ever think…

“I need to be a good wife, husband, mother, father, daughter, son, friend, boss, co-worker, team player…”

“I need to have a successful career” or “stay at home and raise the kids.”

“I need to get married, have children, live in a nice house, have a nice car, make money, workout, lose weight, call my mom, buy nice clothes, check my Facebook News Feed, keep in touch with friends, watch the news, donate to non-profits, blah, blah, blah”

This is called programming and we pick up this programming from our family, friends, the media, our job, and in our community. Sometimes this programming can bog us down because we’re living life based on someone else’s expectations. 

Everything you need to know and feel is within you but sometimes it’s hard to see your answers because your thoughts, emotions and beliefs and “your story” gets in the way.

That’s where I can help! In an intuitive reading session, I can “see” the core issue or what’s going on behind the scenes so you can release this programming and enjoy your life!

You are a creator. If you believe you are lacking, you will have lack into your life. If you believe you are worthy of love, you will receive love from people (and animals).

What would life be like if you experienced more peace, joy, amusement, ease, and abundance?

Book an Appointment

Intuitive reading or mentoring. What’s the difference?

Your intuitive reading session may include:

  • communication on a specific question or issue (for your pets too!)
  • communication on the seven layers of your aura (more information here)
  • your past lives
  • divine solutions to your current challenges
  • guided healing meditation using visualization to release anxiety, stress, worry, guilt and frustration; and filling in with peace, love, compassion, acceptance
  • recorded session (upon request)

Your mentoring session may include everything an intuitive reading session includes, but instead of reading intuitively the entire time, I’ll be asking you coaching questions. This choice is great for people who benefit from talk therapy. Please contact me for details.

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