Are you Emotionally Constipated?

I had to laugh when I first heard about being emotionally constipated. I'm pretty sure that I am because I've been feeling stressed lately. My daughter was jumping around this morning like she had two cups of coffee and I was just waking up, feeling slightly annoyed and jealous that she wakes up so naturally energized. Then I was just thinking … Continue reading Are you Emotionally Constipated?

What I Learned From “Talking” To Pets

After intuitively communicating with pets over the past few years, I’ve learned a lot about how they perceive the world. “What are the animals saying to you?” is a question I hear often. Well, I’m going to share with you the dirt! Believe it or not, your pet isn’t afraid to die. They usually hold … Continue reading What I Learned From “Talking” To Pets

3 Tips For Communicating with Your Pet

Have you wondered how your pets are feeling? Maybe there’s something you’d love to tell your pet. All animals exhibit three qualities – love, playfulness and neutrality. Being neutral is non-judging. That’s why we love our pets so much! They aren’t judging us or holding a grudge for days. They are happy to be with … Continue reading 3 Tips For Communicating with Your Pet