Standing in Your Power

I took a walk outside today and it was really windy. I admired the colors of the leaves waving in the strong wind – bright red, apricot, orange, gold, and some were still green. I love this time of year with the kalidescope of colors. The wind made my walk especially enchanting because the leaves were “snowing” across the sky. The sun was bringing out the brilliance of every leaf.

I could hear the wind rumbling, the wind chimes clinging, dogs barking and landscapers roaring their mowers. As I was walking home, I noticed that the tree trunks appeared still and grounded to the earth while the branches and leaves were flailing violently around their trunks.

I am inspired by trees. I love how different each of them all. All the varieties. Someone told me that the roots of a tree cover more area underground than above the ground. That would explain the stability of a tree during high winds!

Can you see yourself as a tree, remaining stable amidst adversity? Imagine you have roots below your feet that carve deep into the ground. Sometimes we feel we are alone in our life path, but the truth is that we are surrounded by support.

Friends, family members, and acquaintances are there for us when we need to talk or hold space for us. We just have to ask. Some people might be too busy to listen but someone out there is there for us.

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